Mobile Embedded Labs Pvt.Ltd

“An research oriented innovative development startup in the domain of Mobile, Embedded, Wireless & IoT.

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Embedded Design & Development

Expertise in Product Engineering, Embedded Hardware design and development, prototyping, validation and certifications

Mobile & Embedded OS Devlopment

Operating System and Middle-ware design, development and optimisation, Linux Kernel and driver development, Andoird Middleware Optimisation & OS porting and optimisation in various Embedded devices

Wireless Networking & IoT

Concentrated on Wireless & LowPower Wireless Networking domain, under the brand name AntsWireless.We offers Secured and Optmies wireless solutions, Lowpower wireless products based in BLE,8LoWPAN, etc.

Application Development-Mobile & Embedded Systems

MELabs team is having expertise in the domain of core Embedded and Mobile appplication development in various platforms - different Hardware architecture, OS with middleware interaction and management

Language Computing Solutions for Embedded Platforms

Involved in the domain of "computing in Indic", Indian Scripts and Languages, which involves developing software and firmware in Indic Scripts/languages, Input methods, Speech to Text and Text to Speech applications etc.

OpenSource Hardware & Software

Our team having hands-on expereince with various Open Hardware Platform- BeagleBoard (Black), Raspberry Pi, CudieBoard, Arduino, etc. and porting optimising BootLoader, Kernel and Operating System for this boards (Linux & Android)


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Builds Secured Wireless Networks

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Optimised Android OperatingSystem

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GPS Concept

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App development

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Nexus Phone

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About Us

MELabs provides end-to-end product design capability to its customer ..

Developing software and doing research for in various domains:Operating Systems & System programming, Application/ User Interface development,Embedded & Mobile computing,text processing & language computing, Wireless and LowPower Wireless Networknig.

MELabs provides end-to-end product design capability to its customer which includes technology definition, hardware system design, embedded operating system, software and application development..

We located in Capital Citi of India, Mumbai

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